Highest number of cases lodged at ACC is procurement related3rd quater news registered cases 19 eng

The Commission’s statistical data for the third quarter of 2019 discloses that the highest number of cases registered is procurement related. There was a total of 157 procurement related cases registered at the Commission during this period, while this amount stood at 40 during the same period of last year. Additionally, a total of 63 [Read More…]

ACC registered 371 cases in the third quarter of 20193. Q3_registered cases_eng

Anti-corruption Commission (ACC) has registered a total of 371 cases in the third quarter of 2019. ACC’s statistical data revealed that within the first nine months of 2019, the commission has registered a total of 917 cases. Amongst these cases, 371 cases were registered in the third quarter of 2019. During the same period in [Read More…]

Anti-Corruption Training for S.Hulhumeedhoo Public OfficialsTraining_S_Hulhumeedhoo_Public_Officials_15102019

An awareness session on anti-corruption has been conducted for public officials of S.Hulhumeedoo, on Thursday, 10th October, 2019, at the S.Atoll School. The two and half hours’ session highlighted the importance of working against corruption, bases of integrity and the role of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC). The session, with a total of 20 participants from [Read More…]

Awareness Session for Parents of S.Atoll School1-570x340

An integrity-awareness programme has been conducted for parents of S.Atoll School, on Thursday, 10th October, 2019. The 2 hours’ session highlighted the characteristics of integrity, the damages of corruption, and the role of parents in enhancing students’ integrity. A total of 12 parents participated in the session taken at the school, which was conducted by [Read More…]


The ACC has the authority to investigate any matter involving public sector corruption in the Maldives.

The ACC has extensive powers of investigation, to conduct search and obtain evidence.
The ACC targets serious systemic corruption and corruption vulnerabilities in the Maldives public sector.
The ACC establish facts and refer corrective matters to public institutions on administrative processes, staff ethics and preventive actions.
The ACC recommends and advice systemic changes to prevent recurrence of corruption. [Read More..]



The ACC is independent of the government of Maldives and is accountable to the people through the Parliament. It minimizes corruption by conducting various prevention programs. As part of the mandate of the Commission, prevention programs are categorized into two major areas;

1. Prevention and Research:

  • Implementing National Integrity Plan
  • Formulation of Anti-Corruption Strategy
  • Conducting Corruption Risk Assessments and Researches
  • Formulation of Capacity Development documents
  • Identifying Training needs..

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