Integrity-related Information Shared at Majeedhiyya School AssemblyMajeediya_assembly_en_17_4_2019

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has shared information regarding the characteristics of integrity at assembly held in Majeedhiyya School. The activity took place on 16th April, 2019, in the school grounds. In this assembly aimed to increase integrity-awareness, students were given information regarding what integrity is, the importance of integrity for every individual, and academic integrity [Read More…]

ACC Holds a Children’s Evening at Fiyavathi12w22019-04-13 , 21.27.39

On the occasion of the National Anti-corruption day, the Anti-Corruption Commission held a Children’s Evening for children under state care at Fiyavathi in Hulhumale’, this year. 102 children from Fiyavathi took part in the Children’s Evening. Several games were organized at the event, which took place on Saturday, 13th April 2019.

ACC visits patients in Hulhumale Hospitalhospital_visit_13_4_2019

Members and staff of Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) visited patients in Hulhumale Hospital on 13th April, 2019 on the occasion of National Anti-Corruption Day. Gifts were handed out to all inpatients in the hospital. The gifts were funded from donations from ACC’s staff.

Staff of ACC donates bloodblood_donation_16-4-2019

Anti-Corruption Commission conducted a blood donating event on the occasion of National Anti-Corruption Day, on 13th April, 2019 at Maldivian Blood Services. Vice President of ACC Uz. Muaviz Rasheed and other staff donated blood in this event.


The ACC has the authority to investigate any matter involving public sector corruption in the Maldives.

The ACC has extensive powers of investigation, to conduct search and obtain evidence.
The ACC targets serious systemic corruption and corruption vulnerabilities in the Maldives public sector.
The ACC establish facts and refer corrective matters to public institutions on administrative processes, staff ethics and preventive actions.
The ACC recommends and advice systemic changes to prevent recurrence of corruption. [Read More..]



The ACC is independent of the government of Maldives and is accountable to the people through the Parliament. It minimizes corruption by conducting various prevention programs. As part of the mandate of the Commission, prevention programs are categorized into two major areas;

1. Prevention and Research:

  • Implementing National Integrity Plan
  • Formulation of Anti-Corruption Strategy
  • Conducting Corruption Risk Assessments and Researches
  • Formulation of Capacity Development documents
  • Identifying Training needs..

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