Anti-Corruption Commission has presented a paper in the Prosecutors’ Symposium15. Presecutor conf. viber_image_2019-06-17_14-54-25

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has participated in the first ever Prosecutors’ Symposium held by the Prosecutor General’s Office of the Maldives. The main focus of this symposium is to strengthen the criminal justice system. ACC has presented a paper on 16th June 2019 based on the challenges ACC faces in cases sent to Prosecutor General’s Office [Read More…]

ACC participates in the UNODC Regional Workshopunodc training 12-6-2019

The Anti-Corruption Commission has participated in Regional Workshop on Asset Disclosure and Conflict of Interest Systems in South and Southeast Asia organized by United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC). Legal Officer Mr. Safath Habeeb and Assistant Investigation Officer Mr. Adam Shamil is attending the Workshop on behalf of Anti-Corruption Commission. The regional workshop [Read More…]

ACC launches Risk Assessment Report of the Pilgrimage System in the MaldivesHajju report 2019

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has officially launched the risk assessment report of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs which studied the Pilgrimage System in the Maldives.  This report was released on 14th may 2019 at a ceremony held in ACC conference room by the Commission Member Mr. Yazmeed Mohamed. The Deputy Minister of Ministry of Islamic [Read More…]

Anti-Corruption Commission’s delegation participates in 2019 Seminar on Anti-Corruption for Officials of Maldives13. China trip

A delegation from Anti-Corruption Commission is participating in the 2019 Seminar on Anti-Corruption for Officials of Maldives hosted in Qingdao, China. The delegation comprises of 20 participants from Anti-Corruption Commission. The main purpose of this workshop is to gain knowledge and experience on procedures and techniques used in China for combating and preventing acts of [Read More…]


The ACC has the authority to investigate any matter involving public sector corruption in the Maldives.

The ACC has extensive powers of investigation, to conduct search and obtain evidence.
The ACC targets serious systemic corruption and corruption vulnerabilities in the Maldives public sector.
The ACC establish facts and refer corrective matters to public institutions on administrative processes, staff ethics and preventive actions.
The ACC recommends and advice systemic changes to prevent recurrence of corruption. [Read More..]



The ACC is independent of the government of Maldives and is accountable to the people through the Parliament. It minimizes corruption by conducting various prevention programs. As part of the mandate of the Commission, prevention programs are categorized into two major areas;

1. Prevention and Research:

  • Implementing National Integrity Plan
  • Formulation of Anti-Corruption Strategy
  • Conducting Corruption Risk Assessments and Researches
  • Formulation of Capacity Development documents
  • Identifying Training needs..

[