The main purpose of the Strategic Action Plan 2020-2024 is to establish a clear roadmap to achieve the vision and mission of the Commission. The five-year Strategic Action Plan (2020-2024) is premised on the following priority areas:

One of our foremost priority over the next five years will be to value and develop our employees through increased engagement and by investing in capacity building of our staff. Our aim is to ensure expertise in all anti-corruption areas within the Commission and to create a coveted and professional workforce that commands public trust. Each unit will work for the common goals of the Commission and assist each other to overcome challenges.

Objective (PA1.O1): Create a value-based culture within the employees and ensure a robust organizational framework.
Objective (PA1.O2):
Optimize workforce through building commitment and skill set.
Objective (PA1.O3): Strengthen accountability and increase performance.

We will work to consolidate and strengthen integrity principles and good governance standards in all state institutions. We will combine efforts with other regulatory bodies to understand trends and underlying causes of corruption, identify loopholes to prevent systemic corruption; and roll out streamlined actions. We will work with institutions to implement recommendations that are based on research and investigations.

Objective (PA2.O1): Conduct empirical research on corruption risks and effectiveness of measures taken to fight corruption.
Objective (PA2.O2): Strengthen policies and procedures to reduce risk and prevalence of corruption in all arms of the State.
Objective (PA2.O3): Build a coalition of committed anti-corruption stakeholders.

Commitment to fair and efficient justice is a core principle of the Commission. Over the next five years we will work to improve the quality and efficiency including the speed, of our investigations through strengthening the capacity of investigative staff and improving processes in all stages of investigation and duty prosecution. We will also work with other institutions to develop a successful mechanism for asset recovery

Objective (PA3.O1): Acquire skills and expertise, effective tools and high-quality systems
Objective (PA3.O2): Process complaints received by the Commission in a transparent and efficient manner
Objective (PA3.O3): Ensure no impunity for perpetrators and recover stolen assets

We will build synergy and increase collaboration with relevant stakeholders to achieve meaningful change in curbing corruption. We will continue work to strengthen the national legal framework to prevent and combat all forms of corruption and sanction corrupt behaviour. We will work to create awareness on the detrimental impact of corruption and educate citizens and public officials to act against corruption.

Objective (PA4.O1): Gain confidence and trust of public and state institutions
Objective (PA4.O2): Reform Anti-Corruption Legal Framework
Objective (PA4.O3): Reward and recognize adherence to integrity principles and standards through advocacy and awareness raising

Broad objectives are identified for each priority area. Actions, based on different strategies, are listed under each of these objectives, with intended year of implementation. The action plan is supported by a monitoring framework, which includes indicators and targets at both action and objective level. Details on the SAP preparation process and the monitoring and evaluation framework are given in later sections. This is the third Strategic plan of the Commission. The first SAP was prepared for 2009 – 2014 and the second SAP was developed for the period 2015 – 2019.