ACC meets with Brunei's Anti-Corruption Bureau to discuss ways to strengthen anti-corruption efforts

The Anti-Corruption Commission and Brunei's Anti-Corruption Bureau met to share knowledge and offer technical assistance in the combat against corruption.

The Anti-Corruption Commission and Brunei's Anti-Corruption Bureau met virtually to discuss the issue.

Adam Shamil, the president of the Anti-Corruption Commission, emphasized the importance of collaborating with international countries in the ongoing efforts to strengthen and promote the work of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

He also mentioned that Brunei is one of the Asian countries that makes remarkable efforts to combat corruption in collaboration with its citizens and that the ACC could learn a lot from it.

It is important that regional agencies establish a network to combat corruption. The exchange of technical assistance, information, and knowledge, as well as legal assistance, will be made easier. Therefore, in order to complete this work, we propose technical cooperation between the two parties, "he said.

The Director and head of Brunei's anti-corruption bureau, Haja Anifa binti Haji Abdul Ghani, stated during the meeting that small nations like Brunei and Maldives can both gain from collaborating against corruption.

The director of ACB also stated that they are ready to share the nation's policies and offer assistance if the ACC so requests.

She also invited the President and team of the Anti-Corruption Commission to visit the country as an important step towards cooperation.

The meeting was attended by the heads of the Brunei Anti-Corruption Bureau and the President of the ACC, Adam Shamil; Vice-President of the Commission, Abdul Salam; Member of the Commission Taha Mohammed; Member of the Commission Shiyama Mohammed; and the Secretary General of the Commission, Mohammed Saleem.