A case relating to the of bridge viewing platform project has been sent for prosecution.

Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has submitted a case with the PGO, alleging that the Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure has unlawfully extended the term of a lease agreement between the ministry and Strada Pvt Ltd for an additional 05 years.

Based on the findings of the case, ACC had forwarded the case to the Prosecutor General’s Office, requesting prosecution upon. The case warrants prosecution under Article 13 of Law number: 2/2000 (Prevention & Prohibition of Corruption Act), on the grounds that former Minister of Housing and Infrastructure, Dr.Mohamed Muizzu had acted in a manner which precluded an advantage to the state and provided an undue advantage for a third party. Hence, the case has been forwarded to PGO to be prosecuted under Article 13(a) of Law no: 2/2000 (Prevention and Prohibition of Corruption Act), and Article 513(b) of Law no: 9/2014 (Maldivian Penal Code).

Furthermore, ACC has also requested prosecution upon former State Minister of Ministry of Housing and Infrastructure, Ahmed Habeeb, under Article 513(b) of Law no: 9/2014 (Maldivian Penal Code) for providing an undue advantage for a third party.