Organizational Structure


Functional Responsibilities of Section / Unit

Members’ bureau
Main works undertaken by Commission Members’ Bureau are:

1. Perform all the administrative work required to conduct member’s meetings
2. Assign tasks to the corresponding sections to implement members’ decisions
3. To implement members’ decisions relating to members’ bureau
4. Monitoring and coordinating with other sections for fast implementation of members’ d
5. Provide advice to requested parties regarding public finance Act (3/2006) and Public Finance Regulations according to the member’s decisions and maintain relevant records
6. Receive, arrange, organize and carry out members’ appointments from individual requests,
7. Coordinate with relevant sections to arrange and organize requirements for members’ official trips
8. Collect relevant information from various sections, prepare and disseminate news to media, and forward the same to Information Technology Section for publication in the Commission’s website
9. Distribute necessary information to the relevant parties under the ‘Right to Information Act’ and perform all the tasks required to follow this Act
10. In pursuant to ‘Prevention and Prohibition of Corruption Act’ (2/2000), organize and arrange members’ meetings to discuss matters of advice on gifts received by the Government staff, implement members’ decisions and maintain records
11. Compile and disseminate statistical information on all decisions made at the member’s meetings
12. Record and maintain minutes of members’ meetings and other meetings arranged by Members’ Bureau
13. Maintain and organize the records of all tasks executed by the Members bureau

Operations’ Section

Investigation of Corruption cases being the main task assigned to the Commission, it is mainly carried out by the operations Section. To perform this task, six units coordinate under operations Section. They are:
1. Complaints’ Registration and Evaluation Unit (CREU)
2. Investigation Coordination Unit (ICU)
3. Investigation Unit
4. Post Investigation and Reporting Unit (PIRU)
5. Legal and Asset Recovery Unit
6. Intelligence Unit
Following are the tasks performed by each Unit.
Complaints’ Registration and Evaluation Unit (CREU)
Main tasks carried out by Complaints’ Registration and Evaluation Unit (CREU) are;
1. Registration of cases reported to Commission
2. Collect information and documents relevant to the cases and evaluate in accordance to the set procedure
3. Dispatch document warrants and letters with regard to the cases, when further information is necessary
4. Meet and attend to visitors’ complaints, receive calls from toll-free number, report, record cases and fill in the complaint form with the information provided, and submit to commission entry
5. Maintain original documents and materials (relevant to cases) collected and received from other institutions for investigation purpose
6. Assist investigation teams to summon people for investigation
7. Provide statistical records to require for the quarterly report of the commission Organize and arrange field visits to atolls and provide all necessary assistance to investigation teams
8. Complete the “Criminal Record Forms” brought by various parties

Investigation Coordination Unit (ICU)
Main tasks carried out by Investigation Coordination Unit (ICU) are;
1. Fill the case form, “Commission Initiated Cases Form”, whenever the commission decides to initiate a case and submit it for entry
2. Attach replies from various institutions, memos send by investigation teams to the respective cases and maintain such documents
3. Organize and arrange commission members’ meetings to review investigation reports and case discussion
4. Participate and take minutes of the Members’ Meeting held for Case Discussion
5. Write and dispatch letters to organizations and individuals to implement decisions made in members’ meeting
6. Get signatures of the members on the minutes of previous members’ meetings and upload it to case management system, archive cases that are completed or closed in preliminary stage of investigation
7. Once investigation trips are organized, prepare list and files of cases that are pending in the preliminary stage of investigation for corresponding atolls
8. Prepare case summary sheet and files for Investigation teams for cases that are decided to be investigated, get signature and submit the case to teams, and carry out necessary tasks relevant
9. Scan all necessary documents in the Unit and dispatch all the letters by the unit
10. Take monthly/quarterly/yearly or other statistics from the Unit and carry out necessary tasks relevant
11. Attach soft copies received related to cases and forward to respective teams
12. Submit entry originals to investigation teams
13. Generate GEMS numbers for letters and warrants prepared by investigators
14. Dispatch letters and warrants prepared by investigators
15. To generate and provide company details and individual details requested by members’/investigators and units
16. Maintain documents and materials collected from other institutions by investigation teams or by a court warrant, in the record room
17. Return the documents and materials collected from other institutions by investigation teams or by a court warrant for investigation purpose, after completion of work
18. Handover the requested stationeries/ appliances to staffs of Operations Section, and cater special requests by investigators with regard to investigation and stock necessary items for investigation trips (Inventory keeping)
Investigation Unit
Main tasks carry out by Investigation Unit are;
1. Investigate cases assigned for investigation
2. To prepare documents to be send for Prosecutor Generals’ Office, for cases that are to be prosecuted
3. Go on investigation trips to atolls for case investigation
4. Collect relevant documents from various institutions for case investigation

Post Investigation and Reporting Unit (PIRU)
Main tasks carry out by Post Investigation and Reporting Unit (PIRU) are;
1. Process cases of completed investigations and forward it to commission members for reviews
2. Organize and arrange commission members’ meetings “to review investigation reports”, administration of meetings, recording minutes of the meetings, obtaining signatures and filing the documents
3. To carry out necessary tasks to implement decisions taken in commission members’ meetings “to review investigation reports”
4. Handing over cases for further investigation/revision to investigation teams
5. Perform the administrative duties of the cases to be forwarded to Prosecutor General’s Office and other relevant authorities
6. Prepare and dispatch letters subject to the completed cases by the Commission to the concerned parties
7. Update statuses of concluded cases on Case Management System
8. Prepare the summary of concluded investigation case reports, inform the concerned parties of the availability of the reports and hand a copy of those reports on request
9. Scan and archive completed cases and properly perpetuate files
10. Prepare and publish news, reports and other related media statements on completed cases
11. Prepare and provide information and statistics required for compilation of Annual Report and Statistics Reports
12. Maintain and an up to date status list of cases submitted for members’ revision after investigation, investigation completed cases, cases sent for prosecution to Prosecutor Generals’ Office, returned cases from Prosecutor Generals’ Office and recommendation sent to various authorities after case investigation
13. Prepare, maintain and provide to necessary units, the statistics of performance of individual investigation teams/investigators for their appraisal related to investigation work

Legal and Asset Recovery Unit
Main tasks carried out by Legal and Asset Recovery Unit are;
1. Review laws submitted for ACC’s comments, present the findings or comments to the Commission and forward them to the relevant authorities and work in coordination with Prevention Section of the Commission to combat situations prone to corruption
2. To bring to the notice of commission the modifications to be made to commissions’ work with regard to amendments to relevant laws and regulations
3. Review the commissions’ investigation manual and bring to the notice of Commission the modification to be made to it
4. Prepare and amend laws and regulation relevant to commissions’ mandate
5. Prepare research reports requested by Members ‘Bureau
6. Represent the Commission in court trials in cases submitted against and by the Commission and carry out all the necessary works in pursuant to such cases
7. Assign, upon discussion with the Commission members, staffs to represent Commission during court trials, assisting them, and ensuring their attendance during the hearings, and to monitor the trial proceedings
8. Coordinate and work hand in hand with the Attorney General’s Office when necessary
9. Take necessary steps in coordination with the relevant sections of the Commission in enforcing any court decisions or orders held upon, or relevant to the functions of the Commission
10. Provide legal assistance to Commissions’ Sections upon their requests
11. Provide legal assistance to Commission Members’ Bureau upon their request
12. Provide information during induction programs conducted by the Commission and to assist in staff training and to facilitate acquaintance among the Investigation Officers with relevant laws
13. Coordinate and work hand in hand with the Prosecutor General’s Office during investigation stage of cases
14. Monitor and coordinate with the Prosecutor General’s Office, regarding the process prior to submission of corruption cases to trial, and to provide assistance to the Prosecutor General’s Office when required.
15. Coordinate and work with Prosecutor General’s Office for case submission to trial for proceeding
16. Review cases returned by the Prosecutor General’s Office upon the Prosecutor General’s decision not to submit the case for trial, and to present a report to the Commission based on the findings of the review with instructions on measures to proceed further, and to take the necessary steps following the members’ decision on the report.
17. To carry out necessary steps with regard to money and property involved in corruption cases, during investigation stage of cases
18. To take actions regarding asset recovery upon conviction of a corruption case Conduct researches and make necessary recommendations in relation to United Nations Convention Against Corruption
19. Prepare all information and documents required to be submitted to international organizations and to represent the Commission in international forums.

Intelligence Unit
Main tasks carried out by Intelligence Unit are;
1. Collecting intelligence information from state institutions and analyzing data to identify suspicious transactions which could be built into a case and sending the information to the respected unit to be registered with the commission as a case.
2. Providing intelligence data to investigators regarding ongoing cases.
3. Uncovering information about circulation of money in relation to corrupt activities and sending information to the relevant unit to be built into a case.
4. Monitoring social media for information related to corruption in state entities and analyzing information to identify suspicious transactions and acts which could be built into a case and sending information to the respected unit to be registered with the commission as a case.
5. Collecting, maintaining and providing intelligence data to investigation teams.

Prevention Section
Corruption Prevention is one of the main tasks mandated to the Commission. The main responsibility assigned to Prevention Section is to conduct activities to combat and prevent corruption. To perform this task, two sections coordinate under prevention Section. They are:
1. Education and Awareness Unit
2. Prevention and Research Unit
Below are the details of the engagements of these two Units.
Education and Awareness Unit
Main tasks carried out by Education and Awareness Unit are;
1. Plan and conduct anti-corruption awareness sessions for public institutions
2. Conduct anti-corruption awareness activities through different sources to make Maldivian citizens well informed about dangers of corruption
3. Organize, various extensive programs to mark the International Anti-Corruption Day and the National Anti-Corruption Day with collective employee participation
4. Carry out anti-corruption awareness programs via media
5. Promote integrity and organize the National Ceremony to award “integrity award”, and to make “Anti-Corruption Pledge”, which is a well-known and all signed pledge.
6. Design and develop commissions’ graphic and Layout works, photograph and archive all photos and videos of activities carried out by Commission

Prevention and Research Unit
Main tasks carried out by Prevention and Research Unit are;
1. Collation, compilation, dissemination and publication of ACCs statistics and preparation of procedure to be followed by Units in compilation of statistics
2. Compilation, dissemination and publication of ACCs Annual Report
3. Annually reviewing the format of ACC’s Annual report by 15th February and receive members’ approval to progress its compilation
4. Preparation of Commissions’ Strategic Action Plan (SAP) and make necessary changes to it
5. Identify the annual activities from SAP and assign tasks to sections/staffs to implement SAP and to monitor the progress
6. Formulate, coordinate, review and implement the ACCs’ Strategic Action Plan and other plans based on findings of published research
7. Preparation of ACC’s capacity building and funding proposals to ascertain assistance and support through foreign agencies in coordination with other sections
8. Undertake actions to resolve delayed implementation of activities of the ACCs’ Strategic Action Plan
9. Examine reports and researches published by international or local agencies about corruption, related to Maldives and implement members’ recommendations
10. Compilation and presentation of papers to the State and individuals over discussions to combat corruption
11. Planning & executing researches approved by the Commission members and provide recommendations for improvement and execution of such recommendations
12. Execute assessments to prevent corruption in the processes and practices of public institutions and encourage adherence to compliance
13. Formulation, review and implement National Integrity Plan (NIP)
14. Ensure corruption prevention in the processes and practices of public institutions and to establish a mechanism to recognize efforts to combat corruption
15. Provide advice to public institutions on prevention of corruption
16. Support and assist the work of Education and Awareness Unit
17. Preparing and reviewing of the Units’ Operating Procedure
18. Represent the Commission in social activities held by Independent institutions of Maldives (AARO)
Administration Section
Administration Section is responsible for providing administrative assistance to Commissions’ works. To perform this task, three sections coordinate with Administrative Section. They are:
1. Administration Unit
2. Human Resources Development Unit
3. Procurement and Maintenance Unit
Below are the details of the engagements of these three Units.
Administration Unit
Main tasks carried out by Administrative Unit are;
1. Write, approve and obtain signatures on Commission’s daily minutes and maintain its records
2. Plan, organize and assign office opening and closing duties
3. Log and maintain the lo log entry for letters, complaint forms, and all other correspondences and direct those relevant sections.
4. Maintain, organize and supervise the Commissions’ Reception Counter
5. Plan and maintain an adequate inventory of stock, release goods on request and report shortages, overages for replenishment.

Human Resources Development Unit
Main tasks carried out by Human Resources Development Unit are;
1. Formulation and revisions of the organizational structure of the ACC
2. Create and abolish positions within ACC and bring other necessary changes to the organizational hierarchy
3. Carry out all the tasks related to employee recruitment
4. Maintain the record files of the employees
5. Implement the performance appraisal system and carry out the same in coordination with other sections of ACC
6. Maintain the records regarding leave of absence of employees
7. Resignation and dismissal of employees
8. Administer all the works related to salary, overtime payment and other wages to the employees
9. Maintain records of the time spent outside the office during office hours and take necessary actions against employees who exceed the granted limits.
10. Bring about necessary changes to rules and policies of the staff regulation. These rules and policies should be brought to the member’s meeting for their approval and members’ decisions are informed to the staffs Conduct staff meetings, maintain minutes of such meetings and implement decisions made in such meetings
11. Conduct Section Heads meeting once a week and maintain the minute of such meetings and take necessary actions regarding such meetings
12. Take disciplinary actions against the staffs and maintain record of it
13. Inform the staffs of any announcements
14. Reposition of staffs when necessary and maintain record of it
15. Development, implementation and review of the ACCs Human Resources Development Plan
16. Development, implementation and review of staff training requirements based on the Human Resources Development Plan.
17. Conduct orientations and induction programs for the new recruits
18. Seek collaboration with regional and international institutes to facilitate training opportunities for the staffs
19. Plan and arrange seminars/workshops throughout the year to enrich staffs’ knowledge
20. Identifying and conducting training required for the development and advancement of the staff
21. Maintain records of all the trained staffs, including information of employee bond agreements
22. Implementation and periodic review of Commissions’ training policy

Procurement and Maintenance Unit
Main tasks carried out by Procurement and Maintenance Unit are;
1. Procuring all the necessary and requested goods and handing them over to the relevant sections
2. Organizing procurement activities related to request for proposals and formulate agreements
3. Organize the Commission’s Agency Tender Committee meetings, record minutes and obtain the Committee members signature and maintain necessary records in order
4. Attend and arrange all housekeeping work of the Commission’s premises
5. Repair and maintaining of all kinds of fittings (bulbs, air-condition, etc.) in the Commission
6. Handling and maintaining of the housekeeping of the Commission’s go-downs
7. Handling and maintaining cleanliness of commission’s toilets, ceiling, floor area etc…
8. Repair and maintaining of the Commission’s fixed assets and other fittings
9. Paint, decorate, and maintain cleanliness of the necessary areas of the Commission
10. Refurbish the necessary changes to the rooms and partitions of the Commission
11. Allocate work stations for staffs and handle the duties of relocation of staff

Information Technology Section
Information Technology Section is responsible for introducing of recent and new technological innovations to the Commission and to facilitate acquaintance of technology among commission staffs. Two other sections collaborate with Information Technology Section to attain this goal. They are;
1. Networking and Security Unit
2. Information Systems Development Unit
Networking and Security Unit
Main Tasks carry out by this Unit are;
1. Protection of commission’s servers and computer systems from viruses and malware
2. Routinely maintain server backups
3. Networking and its related works
4. Maintain commission’s mail system
5. Maintain inventory of IT related equipment
6. Maintain PABX system
7. Protect all IT related equipment and computer systems from internal and external intrusions
8. Ensure internet access to all staffs and ensure safety maintenance of internet connection

Information Systems Development Unit
Main Tasks carried out by this Unit are;
1. Maintenance of commission’s website
2. Update website with daily content from all the sections and units
3. Analyze commissions work flow, gather requirements and develop information systems based on the requirements
4. Routine backing up of information systems

Finance and Accounts Section
Main Tasks carried out by this Section are;
1. Preparing annual budget in relation to Section’s needs, Commission’s decisions, and in accordance with Ministry of Finance and Treasury’s guidelines
2. Inform all the Sections regarding the approved budget details for the Sections and application of received budget into effect on planned activities
3. Utilize the Commission’s budget in accordance to Public Finance Act and Regulation
4. keeping the records of all Commission’s revenues
5. Utilize the Commission’s petty cash budget in accordance to the Public Finance Act and Regulation
6. Commission’s GL bookkeeping (budget available for separate GL Codes)
7. Prepare vouchers and voucher registry for record keeping
8. Posting payment vouchers and monitoring its status
9. Receive donations, crediting them to the budget and recording expenditure
10. Provide required information during the annual audit process
11. Keeping a record of the Commission’s Safe and Safe Accounting
12. Prepare the budget expenditure reports as well as other reports as per Public Finance Act and Regulation and submit them to Ministry of Finance and Treasury Finance and other relevant authorities accordingly
13. Commission’s Fixed assets accounting and asset auctioning
14. Acquiring the budget funds as well as performing tasks arising due to transfer of funds between budget codes

Southern Regional Office
Main tasks carried out by Southern Regional Office are;
1. To investigate issues delegated by ACC falling under its jurisdiction, regarding complaints and cases that are related to G.A. Atoll, G.DH. Atoll, Fuvah Mulah City, and Addu City
2. To carry out anti-corruption awareness and prevention programs targeting the employees of State Institutions and Public companies in G.A. Atoll, G.DH. Atoll, Fuvah Mulah City, and Addu City
3. To carry out Budget and Administrative works of SRO as Per rules and regulations of ACC

Internal Audit
To carry out Commissions’ Internal Audit and to report to president of the Commission. The Internal audit team from Commissions’ investigation team was selected during the year 2016.