ACC is committed to provide an excellent customer service to develop and maintain a good relationship with all our customers. We welcome your feedback and suggestions with regard to the services provided at our Commission including our website and any other relative aspect of the Commission. We strive to achieve the following objectives based on your constructive feedback.
 Identify the setbacks in our service area and improve our level of service
 Identification of any improvements required on the expense policy of the services at ACC
 Identify a framework for the services at ACC
 Identify any pathway for corruption in the provision of services
Send us a feedback through;
 Our feedback form (feedback form is available from the reception or can be downloaded from our website)
 Our online feedback portal which can be accessed from our website
Please note that, the feedback form would be accepted anytime during the official working hours. However, Feedback form can be submitted via our website, email and fax 24/7.