Lodging & Receiving Complaints

Submission of Complaints to the Commission

When there is reasonable ground to believe that a person has committed an act of corruption, a complaint could be submitted to the Commission. The complainant need not disclose his/her name and address, however if the substantial information of the case and the details of the complainant is provides then communicating back to the complainant by ACC will make the investigation easier and will provide more weightage to the complaint submitted.
Ways to submit a complaint to ACC
• By completing and submitting the Complaint Form to the Commission. The Complaint Form is available from the Commission’s website and the reception.
• By calling the tolls free number 1418.
• By submitting a letter which includes the relevant information of the complaint.
• By using the portal found in the Commission’s website to submit online complaints.
• By sending complaints via fax or email to the Commission.
• By attending the Commission in person and providing information about the nature of the complaint to the designated staff.

Acceptance Criteria for Complaints

• The Commission shall only accept cases which includes an act of corruption.
• Complaints conveyed through Commission’s website or via email or fax, can be submitted 24 hours. However, complaints made via toll free number or in person can only be submitted during official working hours.