Investigation of Corruption
The ACC has the authority to investigate any matter involving public sector corruption in the Maldives:
• The ACC has extensive powers of investigation, to conduct search and obtain evidence.
• The ACC targets serious systemic corruption and corruption vulnerabilities in the Maldives public sector.
• The ACC establish facts and refer corrective matters to public institutions on administrative processes, staff ethics and preventive actions.
• The ACC recommends and advice systemic changes to prevent recurrence of corruption.
• The ACC cannot prosecute individuals, but it forwards investigated cases recommending Prosecutor General to obtain prosecutions for corruption offences.
• The ACC does not investigate private sector corruption investigation except in cases where public officials or public institutions are involved in alleged corruption.

While the ACC gives due consideration to all reports of corruption, it is only able to act on reports of conduct that;
• Involve or affect a public official or public sector institution or state institution or state company
• Bribery and abuse of public office functions that violates lawful obligations
• Additionally, ACC investigated cases related to fraudulent, forgery, breach of trust, provide/gain undue-advantage, concealing evidence, and embezzled nature of criminal offences.