Staff of Maldives Customs Service signs the National Integrity Pledge

32 Staff from the Maldives Customs Service has signed the National Integrity Pledge which was introduced with the aim to encourage all public officials work with integrity. The ceremony to sign the Pledge was held on 17th January 2021 at Maldives Customs Service after the Anti-Corruption Training Session held by the officials of ACC.

ACC Conducts a Corruption Prevention Session for the participants of Induction Program of Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA)

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has conducted an anti-corruption training session for the newly recruited staff of MIRA on Monday, 4th January 2021. This session was a part of the induction program organized by MIRA, to give information on corruption and integrity to the participants. The two-hour session with 10 participants was conducted by professionals of [Read More…]

ACC Conducts an wareness session for the staff of M.T.C.C.

An awareness session on Anti-corruption has been conducted for the staff of M.T.C.C on Tuesday, 20th October 2020 through Zoom, virtual platform by ACC. The 2 hour-session was focused on anti-corruption and advancement of integrity. The session with a total of 11 participants was conducted by professionals of ACC.

Awareness Session for Teachers of M. Atoll Education Centre

An integrity-awareness programme aimed for teachers, in order to enhance student integrity, has been conducted at M. Atoll Education Centre. The programme was conducted on Thursday, 15th October 2020 through Zoom, virtual platform. The programme highlighted the characteristics of integrity, the damages of corruption, integrity in teaching, and the role of teachers and the school [Read More…]

ACC Conducts a Training Session for the Senior Management Team of WAMCO

An awareness session has been conducted by ACC for the Board members and Senior Management Team of Waste Management Corporation Ltd (WAMCO) on Thursday, 8th October 2020 at the conference area of WAMCO. The 2 hour-session was focused on anti-corruption, advancement of integrity, and description of procurement related issues that can lead to corruption. The [Read More…]