Mandatory Functions

The ACC Act 13/2008 mandates the following obligations for the Commission;

  • To inquire into and investigate all allegations of corruption; any complaints, information, or suspicion of corruption must be investigated;

  • To recommend further inquiries and investigations by other investigatory bodies, and to recommend prosecution of alleged offences to the Prosecutor General, where warranted;

  • To carry out research on the prevention of corruption and to submit recommendations for improvement to relevant authorities regarding actions to be taken;

  • To promote the values of honesty and integrity in the operations of the State, and to promote public awareness of the dangers of corruption;

  • To conduct seminars, workshops and other programs on prevention and prohibition of corruption to increase public awareness, carry out research and publish them;

  • To carry out everything necessary to undertake the responsibilities of the Commission;

  • To implement Act No.2/2000 (Law on Prevention and Prohibition of Corruption) and to formulate regulations under that Act.